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" Noise Control " is a Hellenic (Greek) Acoustic firm-Manufacturer & Consultancy, specialized in:


NOISE  INSULATING  PRODUCTS         (Attenuators, Exhaust Silencers, Noise Shelters e.t.c)


ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS                      (Sound absorbing panels, Difussors, Helmholz Resonators)


VIBRATION PROTECTION                       (Antivibration mounts & Hangers, Spring & Elastic)


INDUSTRIAL NOISE INSULATION           (Noise Enclosures, Noise Walls & Partitions)


ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS             (TV & Radio Studios, Conference Centers, Theaters)

ENVIRONMENTAL ACOUSTICS            (Industrial & Highway Barriers, HVAC sound insulation)


MARINE NOISE INSULATION               (Pleasure Boats, Marine Generator Hoods, Engine Room Insulation)


MACHINERY NOISE INSULATION - NOISE ABATEMENT    (Compressors, Blowers, GenSets e.t.c)


PERSONNEL ACOUSTIC PROTECTION   (Noise Shelters, Audiometric booths)


NOISE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS      (DeltaOhm S.P.L_meters, Sound sources, Pink noise generators)


NOISE MEASURING SERVICES              (Noise Excitations, Reverberation time, octave FFT analysis, Leq)


SEMINARS ON ACOUSTICS & NOISE INSULATION (for Mechanical, Environmental & safety Engineers)


ACOUSTIC DESIGN STUDIES - SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS  (of Public and Private Acoustic projects)


ACOUSTIC SIMULATION                    (Simulators with 3D modeling - Ramsete)


We are acoustical Consultants and Manufacturers of acoustic products and materials

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Postal address :    14  Grig. Kydonion str  -   171.23  Nea  Smyrni   -  Athens  -  Hellas

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